So, gluten-free, dairy-free Twix… where do I begin? This is a great reincarnation of an irresistible candy bar that some of my gluten-free/dairy-free friends may pine for post-dietary restrictions. These were fun to make and use only six ingredients. I was drawn in by photos on Pinterest that turned out much better than mine. Enticing. Here’s the recipe: Paleo Twix.


First layer: the cookie or shortbread. This uses coconut flour as a base, sweetened with maple syrup and held together with coconut oil. It turns out nice and crispy-crumbly.


Now we’re getting to the fun part. Layer two is the “caramel,” actually almond butter, vanilla, and coconut oil. It forms a nice, rich, creamy layer. While not caramel, it’s pretty close. Caramel

Be sure to let each layer cool before adding another!

Second Layer

Caramel Layer

Layer three: the chocolate. Cocoa and coconut oil for the most part. The chocolate layer has an intense dark taste from the cocoa and no milk.


Layer 3


All Layers


Cut up after refrigerating. They need to stay in the fridge, also.

Bars 2

Bars 3

Bars 4

Bars 5

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