ElizabethFresh Whole Homemade reflects our family’s goal of eating “healthier” in a way that’s realistic and attainable for a busy family. For us, that means incorporating more whole foods rather than processed, and eating more meals made at home using fresh ingredients. I also have some dietary restrictions (gluten and cow’s milk products), so most of the recipes will take that into account. I see these restrictions as an opportunity to get creative with existing recipes, learn more about alternatives to wheat products, and try every goat and sheep’s milk cheese out there. I’m always looking for ways to make it easier/faster/cheaper to eat fresh foods. This blog is a way for us to document what works and share as we learn. Thanks for joining us!

PS – I’ve seeded this blog with a few favorites and recent discoveries previously posted on my blog Recipe Mashups. More recipes of all kinds can be found there, many without the gluten-free/dairy free focus.