Homemade Cookie Dough Energy Bars

BarsFirst attempt at creating my favorite flavor (cookie dough) of you know the bars… starts with “L,”  ends with “ARABAR.” With so few ingredients (dates, cashews, dairy-free chocolate chips), the key is getting the proportions right. These turned out crumbly and needed more dates. There will be another attempt. Here’s the recipe I used: Homemade Three Ingredient Energy Bars. The recipe used peanuts, but I used cashews to try to replicate my favorite bar.

Dates Etc

It was clear after I processed the ingredients that the mixture needed more dates. I didn’t have more dates. Next time.

ChipsThese mini chips taste great and have no gluten or dairy ingredients. I mixed them in with a couple pulses in the food processor after the other ingredients were fully chopped. Processed Ingredients

Rolling these and pressing them under parchment paper was an invaluable step. They still turned out a little crumbly. Like I said, next time, more dates. RollingRolled Bars

Couldn’t keep the little hands out of these.


Final product tasted great but fell apart pretty easily. Looking forward to Take 2!Bars Done

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